Completed Projects

Michigan Basketball


We were very excited to work with Michigan Basketball during the Fall 2018 semester. Our client wanted us to help them increase student section attendance at Michigan Basketball games. In conclusion, we had three main recommendations for our client: Increase the number of claim periods, offer rewards that drive attendance, and partner with student organizations. 



A venture in Tech Consulting, the MDining Website Restructuration project was very interesting and provoked different skillsets from our consultants, such as website design and employee training.

Michigan Football


As any Michigan fan, we were very eager to work with MAthletics, specifically MAthletics Ticket Office and Michigan Football. The goal of our project was to create a pricing model to generate additional revenue. This pricing model would affect all non-student football tickets for Fall 2019. A lot of market research, financial analysis and out-of-the-box thinking was involved.

Major Gift Officer - Office of Advancement


Assessed the Office of Advancement's solicitation and campaign process through both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Product Pricing - UM Bakeshop


Collected data to understand the supply and demand on a variety of different products currently sold to optimize profits. 

Volunteer Service Restructure - UMHS


Identified how to fully utilize their database as well as create better schedule placements and the transition process between semesters by sorting through quantitative data.

Increasing Revenue & Rebranding - Maize Collective


Identified ways to generate revenue as well as potential marketing opportunities including social media presence and brainstorming contests.

Marketing Strategy & Service Redesign - University Career Center


Sorted through data to identify demographics and improve marketing strategy to reach out to students and remodel staffing duties.

Internship Project - VPSL



Collected data to create a curriculum for the internship project that would be then funded for the internship and coming up with marketing opportunities.

Scheduling Optimization & Profit Maximization - Airbus


Improved bus schedule and maximized profits by streamlining operations, increasing customer satisfaction, and developing an effective marketing strategy. 

Bottleneck Identification - UM Dining


Used data to locate bottlenecks and proposed solutions to streamline services

Internal Benchmarking - MEG Consulting


Improved internal operations with performance tracking system and streamlining visions, goals, and values of organization through surveys with members and other consulting organizations

Classroom Participation Assessment - Office of the Dean


Evaluated the factors that result in student participation within a classroom via econometric experimental design.

Grant Management - Office of the Associate Dean for Research


Assessed current model for supporting research across the College of Engineering and recommend alternative governance models to improve grant management. 

Intramural Sports


Our client approached us with early concerns regarding operational inefficiencies in the Intramural Sports Building, including employee shifts scheduling, hiring and training processes, and marketing. 

Sustainability - Michigan Union



Examined ways to reduce costs in lighting, water, and gas usage at Michigan Union

"I have now worked with the MEG group on two projects. They are very thorough in each aspect of their project. They always conduct themselves in a professional manner, while being very courteous in all interactions. I would highly recommend the MEG group." –Phillip Reid (Michigan Union Maintenance Manager)

Efficient Hotline - CAEN


Reorganized CAEN hotline, examining the current CAEN Hotline set up, and analyzing the call data to suggest simpler staffing scenarios to accomplish the same level of service.

"I want to personally thank the Michigan Emissary Group for their outstanding work with analysis of our CAEN Hotline. Their analysis of our call data and their recommendations gave us a solid footing to make changes for reimagining the service. The first set of changes were implemented this summer and we are very pleased with everything so far." –Mark Giuffrida (Director of CAEN)

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