President's Greetings



Thanks for taking the time to look into MEG Consulting.  As you might have heard or read about, MEG is a student run consulting group aimed toward improving the University of Michigan.  While there are many student groups centered around consulting or projects, what sets this group apart in my opinion is the quality of projects and the supportive community of members at MEG.  

Projects are hand-picked to cross a large breadth of different backgrounds and skills.  From more analytical work, such as working with CAEN to analyze occupancy and usage rates to more creative and strategy work, such as developing strategies to improve attendance at Michigan basketball games, there are ample opportunities to develop and practice skills that might not be available in the classroom.  All projects taken on by MEG are client based, with the client being an administrator or stakeholder of the University of Michigan.  This means all consultants will have the opportunity to have real client interactions and opportunities to present to a client in person.

While having worthwhile and interesting work is an important aspect of our club, what really makes MEG Consulting special to me is the community it's made up of.  This isn’t a club where you won’t know everyone’s names and are just there for a resume boost.  Each member is a supportive part of the MEG community, and there’s a place for everyone no matter the major, year, or career interest.  Apart from working together on projects, I’ve always been able to count on someone in MEG for advice on personal matters, classes, deciding on a major, and especially recruiting. 

Lastly, what I’ll say about our recruiting process is that we try to bring the same energy to our events as we do in our club.  We really want people to feel comfortable – not psyched out or nervous – because our events are really an opportunity for you to get to know us and vice versa.  We’d be ecstatic to have you join us, and please feel free to send us any questions or inquiries.

Jack Mu

2019 President