Eduardo Batista, Class of 2019 (BCG)

By joining MEG, I soon satiated a burning crave to improve my professional skills, through our consulting projects, bi-weekly sessions, Alumni mentorship programs and direct contact with school administrators. But more importantly, being a member of MEG has allowed me to build long-lasting and rewarding relationships on campus and out of it, even as an Alumni


Shannon Hsu, Class of 2018 (Oracle Sales)

MEG Consulting has been a big part of my college career - not only did it help me grow professionally but I also meet a lot of my best friends because of it. It’s been super rewarding watching MEG grow over the past four years and also to be a part of that process. The organization itself has excelled so much and still has the potential to improve even more. I’m excited to see the next e-board implement new changes and to see MEG grow even more!


Jake Biegger, Class of 2018 (Strategy&)

 MEG Consulting impacted my academic, social, and professional experiences while at UM and allowed me to grow both as a leader and consultant. The opportunities to interact with a diverse group of students and clients have provided me with unparalleled experience that will help me in as I start my professional career.